Concept :

‘1950 Butter Chicken brings to you the most loved dish throughout the globe which is Dilli Ka Butter Chicken Re-Invented. We serve 4 different recipes of Butter Chicken: 1. The Classic Butter Chicken 2. Makhan Singh Butter Chicken 3. London Styled Butte Chicken 4. The South Indian Style Butter Chicken But there is something for everybody, 1950 BC serves the Old Styled Paneer makhni reinvented too. With other delicacies inspired from these two makhni dishes the 1950 BC menu has something for everyone.’

Business Model : 

1. Direct Selling : Retail and counter

2. Online portals : We have unique tie ups with Zomato and Swiggy , the commission percentage offered is significantly less as compared to any new restaurant that is opening.

3. Subscription Model: 1950 BC provides subscription packages for 30,60 and 90 meals  against a one time amount paid by the client who then follows our fitness guidelines that supports one or more of the regimes.

4. The celebrity package: This is a compatatively high priced subscription model that works on target basis and is more of like a personal chef

Franchise Form